Clickingballs – coming soon!

We’re ready to go – sort of.

We’ve had a look around and organised the equipment we need to get going – a mixer, some decent microphones and some stands/pop shields to go with them. Nothing too fancy, but decent enough to get a crisp, clear recording and produce a quality product.

That ran us up to about $460 – which is pretty modest really, but still we need a little help so we’ve turned to Kickstarter to get us off the ground.

Right now the project is underway with Kickstarter! Please have a look and give feedback. We want to make something that interests like minded people, and this is the first time for any of us going down a crowd funding avenue so we’d appreciate advice on pledge rewards, levels, strategy and of course show content. If you pledge, then great, thanks – but the advice on the show would be even better to be honest.

Well I guess the secret is out now – let’s click some balls!

UPDATE: The Kickstarter has been cancelled. We thought about it, and decided that since we’re doing the podcast regardless of the funding level reached, it really didn’t matter. The idea was to get the word out there and that has been achieved. We never would have reached the funding level anyway so I rather the kind friends who pledged get their money back. We got the word out there and got the advice we were after, so that really means it was a success in my eyes.


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  1. Looking forward to the first show guys! Good luck 🙂


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