Episode 001: We hope this works

Episode 1 is ready to go. You can access it via all these methods:



Direct Download



Every episode, if we mention something off site that might require further interest for yourself, we’ll put some links and reference materials here.

 Lune Croissanterie

Garry Tonan v Kron Gracie, ADCC 2013: This might not be the best video of the match, but it is the one from Garry Tonan’s official YouTube channel so that’s the one I wanted to share.

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  1. Hey guys, really like the podcast so far (definitely looking forward to some AFL talk during next season)

    Just wanted to check if you’ve got pop shields? I noticed on hard ‘p’s you guys are getting quite a loud pop. It’s easy to fix if you haven’t got one, they’re cheap as chips to buy on the net or you can just make one using a stocking stretched over a bent coathanger


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    • Thanks Brenton – yep, first thing i noticed during the editing was how hard those pops were, ordered some on eBay that very second. We’re reckrding episode 2 tomorrow night and the pop shields are in play.


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