Mystery AFL Theatre 2.014K: Melbourne Season Review

Sick of the off season already? Want to relive the glory that was your team’s 2014 campaign? Think there isn’t enough swearing in footy commentary these days?

We’ve got the solution for you. Mystery AFL Theatre 2.014K (MAT2K) will have us reviewing all 18 teams while watching one of their best wins for the season. This week features the Melbourne Demons and their round 13 comeback victory over the Bombers.

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This podcast is best listened to while watching the game yourself thanks to the handy Smart Replay. Details on how to get to the video via desktop are below – it’s free and from the official AFL website! Mobile users may need to purchase a subscription or find alternative routes to view the game (viewers outside Australia, learn how to use a proxy).



It’s not pretty football, but it’s a hard fought and entertaining game with some good signs from the Dees. Optimism, hope, desperation – they all come standard with with Demons top 3 draft pick and membership packs.

So fill up the pipe, let the cognac breathe and put your feet up on the leather ottoman – here’s the best the Dees had to offer for 2014.

This is in no way endorsed or supported by the AFL. Though if they’d like to endorse us, we’re listening…



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