Mystery AFL Theatre 2.014K: Western Bulldogs Season Review

Sick of the off season already? Want to relive the glory that was your team’s 2014 campaign? Think there isn’t enough swearing in footy commentary these days?

We’ve got the solution for you. Mystery AFL Theatre 2.014K (MAT2K) will have us reviewing all 18 teams while watching one of their best wins for the season. This episode features the Western Bulldogs and their round 13 win over Collingwood.

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This podcast is best listened to while watching the game yourself thanks to the handy Smart Replay. Details on how to get to the video via desktop are below – it’s free and from the official AFL website! Mobile users may need to purchase a subscription or find alternative routes to view the game (viewers outside Australia, learn how to use a proxy).




We had some technical difficulties with this one, including the laptop dying on us at half time so there may be some sync issues there but you should be savvy enough to figure it out. The audio quality drops for the second half too. I spent the best part of a week trying to figure it out, but couldn’t fix it. In the end, I thought about leaving it out all together but decided you can either stop listening if it’s too grating on the ears or solider on if you’re that hungry for footy content in the off season. I think this one turned out very well, and hopefully the Bulldog faithful agree.


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