Episode 018 – 2015 Bahrain F1 GP Review

In this episode we review the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix. We’re trying something a little different for this one by reviewing the Grand Prix while watching the replay, and we’ll point out and discuss the critical moments in the race with the advantage of hindsight.

We also discuss the varying engine configurations between Honda Ferrari and Renault, new front wing developments, the benefits of Bernie being computer illiterate, the history of Pastor crashing into people, we even chat a bit about monkey seats because, well, I like saying monkey seat.

So get your recorded F1 race ready (haha, lets be honest, you downloaded it) and listen along as you watch the race. It’s good to get through the long middle stint procession and learn about a few off track news in F1. Have your race replay set up to start at the warm up lap (specifically when the broadcast shows the rolex clock tick over to 6pm Bahrain time) and we’ll give you a countdown to click play and sync up our podcast.

Alternatively, you can download and listen to it in your car, and drive down Princes Highway like your actually in an F1 race! Feel free to leave comments or tweets about the race on our website, twitter or YouTube pages.



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