Episode 033 – F1 Monaco GP

Formula 1 Monaco GP all Wrapped up!

We’ve been putting out too many opinions and libsyn have said ENOUGH! ya aint putting out shit ’til Sunday! So fuck em, we uploaded this on to soundcloud, you can still download it from there, and if you cant, then you need to type that shit into google.

In this episode we discuss the events of the F1 Monaco GP!

-we also talk about Williams going backwards and maybe McLaren taking a step forwards?

-Unbelievably a very mature and talented 17 year old makes a mistake. Yep, we hang him out to dry too.

-We try and help you appreciate the difficulty in driving the Monaco track, even if it doesn’t result in a lights to flag exciting race.
-Josh appreciates a welcome change in Grid Boys

-We both backstroke through the comforting tears of the English media

-We cover some of the recent Formula E action as well as chatting about the last 3 races

-Lewis Hamilton isn’t called a chav, all in this episode!



They say a picture says a thousand words, well this picture tells the story of 78 laps.

Vettel shake

-Vettel congratulates Mercedes on giving him second place. If this doesn’t start some German conspiracy among the English F1 media then they’re slippin.

-Lewis Hamilton wipes away just gorgeous tears of heartbreak

-Nico Rosberg triumphantly shows off his camel toe, and with his……well downright fucken strange choice of using a Maxi Pad over a headband….I don’t think we need any more definitive proof that Nico has a Vajayjay.

-The Prince can’t fit his money and his hands in his pocket, making him look like he’s about to challenge any comers to a hoe-down.

-Everyone to the right of Vettel look like they borrowed a jacket from the bloke behind Lewis. I swear some family from Tasmania skeezed their way on to the podium. More power to them I say.

-Mercedes representative is still sporting a rock hard erection after fucking Lewis Hamilton. No viagra. No lube. Just 100% German gonzo.

monaco track satellite

Here is the aerial view of the Monaco layout.

Below, we have a time lapse and a long winded drive around the Monaco circuit when it’s not being belted around by F1 cars. It’s simply fucken insane to even consider driving a car, let alone an F1 life ender around these streets at full clip. So even if you didn’t like the race, appreciate the talent and cahones it takes to even attempt a flat out lap around here.

…..and last but not least, some fiddly bits from the Barcelona test. Not a lot came out of it (doesn’t mean that not a lot was done, just not outwardly visible). Some reserve and rewarded drivers got the opportunity to turn some laps, a few different aero trials for Monaco, namely double tiered money seats for extra downforce. Apart from that, it’s still to come out in the wash, but I’ll stick some cool looking pics up for you to have a gander at.

New Ferrari brake ducts being trialled

ferrari new brake ducts AMuS

Pitot tubes assessing the air flow resulting from the turbulent rear tyre.

Ferrari rear wing and pitot

McLaren going all interpretive with the flow vis. Now I, like most people, am a big fan of flow viz, but this is too far. At least if they stuck with the red flow viz, it would look like they had been mowing down zombies around the Catalunya track.

McLaren flow vis

Underneath the McLaren front wing. Just shows you what the philosophy is with regards to treating air for predictable manipulation through the underbody of the car. Not specific to McLaren, but aerodynamic principles in general.

McLaren front wing

and as a surprise to nobody, sucking cock gets you really excellent seats for Monaco. This is the best way to get back at your man. Best seats at Monaco GP, don’t even fucken watch, just get cancer, because fuck you.



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