Episode 034 – UFC 187 Wrap Up

In this episode we go through the events of UFC 187. The most stacked card of the year, definitely had a lot of action, some surprises, a new champion, a still champion, and a fight of the year contender!

We decide if John Dodson deserves a title shot over Benevidez or even Moraga.

Are AKA going to lock out the top 3 weight categories?

Does Donald Cerrone suffer severe home sickness when he’s not in an octagon?

Kuntz gets pounded, and in the name of equal rights for everyone we’ve traded in dick jokes for ‘gina jokes.

We debate two of the best stoppages we’ve seen in recent times.

Is Vitor’s pharmacist slacking off? Why did Vitor shave a sword into the side of his mane? Should the strapper have decided to go without blinkers?

We get as excited as a …..you know what, Travis Browne fought Andrei Arlovski. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch that fight before doing anything else, even downloading this. If that don’t get you excited then may I recommend Formula 1 or AFL as your chosen mode of pleasure?

Ok I lied, there’s a guy named Dong on the card, of course we got dick jokes!


We’re going through the process of changing hosts so for now we’re operating through soundcloud, there may be delays in uploading to iTunes and google play, so your best bet is to always check our website for the latest podcasts!

Download or watch in browser below!



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