Episode 039 – UFC 188 Wrapped

In this episode we wrap up the events of UFC 188. It was a huge event for the monster division, with Fabricio Werdum proving that hard work, persistence, and being a good bloke can actually make you the baddest motherfucker on the planet. Also showing that intelligence can get you to the top even in the top weight divisions.

This was really a card of guillotines, low blows and pirate fighting. Otherwise known as eye pokes.

Clay Collard shows how not to be a fighter, Cathal Pendred and Augusto Montano show that nobody is gonna fuck with them on Dancing With the Stars.

Johnny Case gets a few nicknames thrust upon him like cock to a Kittens dancer short on rent, while Francisco Travino is less hurt the more he gets beat up, according to him.

Pat Williams and Efrain Escudero make me decide on how I want to pronounce ‘guillotine.’ Luckily this discussion lasts the entirety of Henry Cejudo and Tecia Torres wins.

Yair Rodriguez proves that the Matrix may be non fiction, while Charles Rosa proves that that wont make fuck all difference in a real fight.

Kevin Gastelum proves that good trainers that give a fuck make the best cornermen. No bullshit, if anything else, listen to what we have to say about this stoppage. This should set the precedence for cornermen.

Eddie Alvarez is a fucken shoe in for Miss Guthries next pirate shit out of Nassau, fighting Pirate style and getting the win. If there ever is an UFC card on September 19th, then Eddie Alvarez has to have the job. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Oh yeah, and theres only the unification fight to award the BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But yeah, hey, I’m sure there’s heaps more important things you could be doin’.






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