Formula E Championship Decider Special!

This is a special episode of the Clicking Balls podcast where we’re giving you a primer for the last weekend of Formula E racing, being a double header in London, and 6- yes, SIX- drivers vying for the inaugural Formula E Driver World Championship.

This has been a fantastic maiden season for Formula E, far exceeded my expectations, have had some teething problems and a few tweaks are necessary, but overall a really entertaining series for racing.

If you’re jaded with the lack of action in F1, and don’t give enough fucks to follow the team development race, just wanna see some overtakes, crashes, and on track strategy, then this is the racing series for you my friend!

We go through all the drivers in with a chance of taking out the championship, plus bring you up to date with some of the action that has happened in the season thus far.

Have the French finally found a motorsport to be good at after 30 years in the abyss?

Will the Brasilians spoil the party?

Will the Swiss…well Buemi…jump off the fence and go for the jugular?

Have the Chinese given up on internal combustion greatness, and instead focusing on building a quality electronic car?

Will any F1 castaway finally take the glory and have another crack at the big show?

We go through the drivers and scenarios below!

Below is the championship standings for all 6 drivers fighting for the title this weekend, and the breakdown of points allocations for the race weekend, with pole position being worth 3 points and fastest lap (FL) worth 2. Remember this round is a double header, with full qualifying and race points available for Saturday and Sunday individually.

The Standings So Far

Nelson Piquet Jr (NEXTEV TCR) – 128

Lucas di Grassi (Audi Sport ABT) – 111

Sebastien Buemi (e.dams-Renault) – 105

Nicolas Prost (e.dams-Renault) – 82

Jerome D’Ambrosio (Dragon Racing) – 77

Sam Bird (Virgin Racing) – 68

Position  1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  9th  10th  Pole  FL
Points 25 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2 1 3 2

Nelson Piquet, Jr.


Nelson is a Brazilian born in Germany and living in North Carolina. He is the son of a 2x F1 World Champion, Nelson Piquet believe it or not. He is 29 years old and racing for NEXTEV Team China Racing in the Formula E World Championship.

He has a history with F1, getting a seat with Renault as Fernando Alonso’s fodder after a mildly impressive GP2 campaign. Racing two season after one spent as test driver, his most notable….erm…..achievement? Point of notoriety? Well basically the reason you remember he raced in F1 is because of intentionally causing an accident at the Singapore GP allowing team mate Fernando Alonso the race victory, was subsequently released and then ratted out the whole ordeal to the FiA. Not that I’m necessarily against what he did, he got fucked well and truly, but it all seems a bit high schoolish in these situations.

Anyway, after that he went round in circles for a while. Literally, with 5 years spent in NASCAR.

Now he has a chance to forge his own legacy with the very first Formula E Drivers World Championship. He is always a favourite with the fan boost too, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

Nelson is also currently coming 4th in the Global RallyCross Championship. If you haven’t watched it before then have a look, it’s a really fun series with lots of big names competing.

He gonna take the beans tho yeh, bruh?

Basically, Nelson needs to just not fuck up or do some dumb shit in order to coast to his first championship since 2006.

He has a 17 point lead, with a win being worth 25 points it’s going to be tough for him to lose it, but this is the inaugural season, so anything could happen and if its true to form, will. So in a nutshell the championship is Piquet, Jr.’s to lose.

Lucas Di Grassi


Lucas Di Grassi is a Brazilian fella living in Monaco with an Italian sounding name. He races in Formula E for the Audi Sport ABT team. Not far off his 31st birthday, he could earn himself a early present if he plays his cards right, and a certain other Brasilian folds.

Lucas has also raced in F1, driving for Virgin in 2010. Has the honour of being a driver to crash on the formation lap, before the race even starts, so there’s that. Currently test driver for Pirelli, which could explain why their tyres are shit.

Lucas finished 2nd in the 24 hour Le Mans race last year, which is no small feat. Another traveller on the F1 open wheel route, he raced in Formula 3 in 2004, was a test driver for Renault F1 in 2005, then raced in GP2 in its first season of competition in 2006, while retaining the Renault test driver seat.

How he gonna take home the trophy tho mang?

Lucas can still have a hope of winning the championship on Sunday even if Piquet beats him on Saturday, but without a pole or fastest lap or victory on saturday, it does make the task a lot harder. Look for him to push in qualifying and race for the bonus points, and if he can keep Piquet behind him he looks good going into Sunday. If not, then look for kamikaze dives on Sunday. Try an imagine the love child of Takuma Sato and Pastor Maldonado, with Romain Grosjean as its nanny.

Sebastien Buemi

Sebastien Buemi

If you’re not a fan of Lucas Di Grassi or Nelson Piquet Jr. then, or if you’re indifferent and like to sit on the fence, then the Swiss man Sebastien Buemi is your bloke to follow for championship glory. Racing in Formula E for e.dams Renault, which started out in the guise of Alain Prosts own team and is now a collaboration with Alain (Team Principle) and e.dams Renault, it’s tough to see how the team is going to back him over Nico. The only team with two drivers in contention for the title, this could work for them or against them. Given Prost’s track record with team mates, I’m not hopeful for Buemi, which is why I’m going for him this weekend.

At 26 years old, it’s hard to think his opportunity for F1 has passed, but with the political climate and the fucking absurd cost of competing, talent makes way for cash in the seats hes competing for. Don’t mistake that for a shortfall on talent though, as Buemi and Algesuari were impressive when they drove for Toro Rosso. unlucky for them the previous driver, some unknown named Sebastian Vettel had set the bar pretty high. He has a chance to be in the series of the future from the foundation. Look for him to be desperate in staking his claim on this title, as it may as well be him against the world.

Register and give him a fucken fan boost, ya cunts.

But can he win, bruz?

He’s the last hope if the previous two haven’t caught your eye, so yes he can win, but he needs luck. This is no different to anybody else in racing who has won a title ever. So fuck it, why not? Yeah he needs luck, but to say he was lucky to win a championship (if he indeed does) would be a gross miscalculation. Every driver needs luck, and there isn’t a lot to separate skills at the pointy end, so maybe its his time.

Buemi needs to beat Piquet Jr in both races to be ahead by a point (given Piquet Jr finishes 2nd in both). However with Pole being worth 3, and fastest lap being worth 2, he has to ensure either he gets those points, or Piquet doesn’t. Nobody is going to complain too hard if Piquet Jr loses to fould play. in fact they’ll probably write it off as karma and have a much more sensible approach to Piquet Jr in the future.

Nicolas Prost

Nicolas Prost

Nico is a French bloke who lives in Switzerland, because he’d rather not bother with war than suffer the humiliation of surrender. I can understand that. Son of 4x F1 World Champion and racing legend Alain Prost, Nico has had big shoes to fill, but still seems to have filled the footsteps and not the boots. A championship in Formula E could change all this.

Nico is the current test driver for Lotus F1, but has had steady experience in open wheel categories as well as GT and Le Mans series racing. He won back to back Andros trophy’s, which is a racing series on ice. Get the feeling Benny Cousins missed his calling on this one. There’s probably not much he couldn’t do on ice.

Nico also finished 4th in the 24hr Le Mans race last year in the top LMP1 category. Make no bones about it, this fella can race. If you watched round one with the incident with Heidfeld….actually ill find it and embed it, fuck it:

Like his old man, this bloke is going to win at all costs. Although I seem like a 60 year old British blogger complaining, I actually respect this. It’s why I have so much respect for his father, and while I hate it because it’s against the drivers I’m going for (being Senna [F1] and Buemi [FE]) I have the utmost respect for these people because this is entertainment, not judge and jury, and they have been half of what has given me the most enjoyment in motor racing. It’s not my job to pretend to judge who they are as people, and this goes for all sports.

Whoah, getting pretty fucken deep there for a minute. Back to Formula E.

Be honest brah, he ain’t gonna win, izzee?

He needs to win both races and if Piquet doesn;t score, he has a 4 point winning margin over Piquet. So he will definitely need help from a team mate to finish high up the order, or scare the shit out of people so that they yield or just get the fuck outta the way. He is in the only team with two people fighting for the championship, and hes significantly behind his team mate in the standings, so good luck with that.

Jerome D’Ambrosio

Jerome D'Ambrosio

He needs everyone to fuck up, win both races and at least a pole or fastest lap.

Sam Bird

Sam Bird

he has a chip and a chair.


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