Episode #047 – AFL Round 15 Wrapped

In this episode we go overtime on the events of round 15 of the AFL premiership season.

A round where not really a whole lot was sorted out in terms of finals contenders.

A tough physical and emotional game at Adelaide Oval, Port’s perfect tribute to Phil Walsh.

The Tiger’s prove again that they can win by playing shit.

The Bombers celebrate a win against a cross-eyed Melbourne.

The Bulldog’s summon lvl 6 Wizadry to counter the Suns lvl 12 Ablett.

The Kangas pull out all the tricks to put a whoopin’ on Geelong. Jimmy Bartel gets more possessions than Mariah Carey in her next divorce.

I don’t even know how to approach the Crows game to be honest, they give an emotional effort out West and our thoughts are with everyone across at the Adelaide Football Club.

GWS laying their claim to a finals spot and a boost of confidence, but at the cost of another injury.

Nat Fyfe could be appearing on Tom Waterhouse and Sportsbet commercials all over the summer.

And Sydney play Brisbane.

Not one mention of the phrase ‘chicken wing’ in this episode either!

Remember to check back every Tuesday for our AFL round wrap. Follow us on iTunes, soundcloud and acast.


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