Episode #048 – UFC 189 Wrapped + bonus chat about the fights that mattered on the TUF Finale card

In this episode we go through all the events (well not all, just the important ones)from the weekends UFC activities. This includes one of THE

But first we go through the Karate Hotties UFC debut on the Ultimate Fighter card, as well as a quick wrap of the finale and Wonderboys nomination for KO of the year.

Then its straight onto the undercard of UFC 189!
The money thrown at promoting this event was not wasted or in vain. DELIVERED!

Honestly if my blurb is what gets you interested, you obviously didn’t watch the main card, go ahead and watch it now. I’ll wait.

We get a Boston Back Alley Brawl between Pickett and Almeida.

Gunnar Nelson puts credence to the Kimi Raikonnen theory, that Scandinavians don’t feel. Like, at all.

Josh continues his war on nicknames when Jeremy Stephens takes on Dennis Bermudez.

Brenton proves he loves his metaphors like a fat kid loves cake.

Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler give everything at getting cast in the next season of ‘The Walking Dead.’

Sinead O’Connor may have sang Connor’s entrance this time, but if Metallica aren’t blaring out ‘Master of Puppets’ in his next bout, then we’ve failed, because he played Chad Mendes like a fiddle.

Getchu some.



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