Episode #052 – F1 Hungary GP + half of the summer break developments and rumours

In this episode we go through the event of the Hungary F1 Grand Prix, as well as delving into the first week of the summer break, which always brings about gossip and development.
Gossip is usually bullshit on account of the British media being typically British (they didn’t hack anyone’s voicemail though), but plenty of development progress gets announced during these times, and the jostling for drivers and sponsors gets into full swing.

Rumour has it that Red Bull recovered MH370 and turned its black boxes into barge boards (ooooooohhhhh I know that’s fucken harsh, but wait until you read the next one)

Mercedes prove that the Germans are good at dictating what happens to a race, but not so good when they’re amongst it (oooooooh again!)

Kimi proves that he can beat the best of them with bits flying off his car, but he does still require an engine guys.

Josh lays the steel caps squarely into Nico Rosbergs vagina, and we both give the English press ‘what for.’

Definitely no mention of cricket on this podcast.

Red Bull announce Daniel Ricciardo’s new sponsor is Target, after having a bullseye on his car all race.

Massa gets more praise on how good he could have been, while Bottas firms his chances at a Ferrari seat, with his competitors all being linked to Haas.

We put forth the proposition that it is in all our sporting, rivalry and F1 progress interest for Haas to come out of the blocks and be World Beaters.
In fact, we kinda gush over Haas for a bit, but only because worthy adversaries are the backbone of fan participation in sports, and F1 has been lacking that in recent decades.

Hulkenberg proves that front wings don’t necessarily have to be at the front.

Kvyat tries out the new rabbit vibrator.

McLaren and Honda fall ass first into some points and positive media.

Alonso overtakes a Ferrari.

Fuck man, plenty happened in this race and plenty has happened since, give it a listen on acast, iTunes or soundcloud (below)

All credit for the photos goes to the crew on the development forums at F1technical.net (no affiliation) if you’re interested in all the nitty gritty details of development, thats a great place to look around.

Below is a comparison of Toro Rosso’s rear suspension set up (left) and Red Bull’s set up on the right. (Click to enlarge)

TR v RB rear suspension

McLarens new mirror set up with the new strakes on the side pods clearly showing the aero philosophy behind it. More than likely seeing the results of Peter Prodromou’s recruitment from Red Bull coming to fruition.

mclaren mirror

Toro Rosso rear wing, also doubles as a mandolin slicer.toro rosso rear sieve

Toro Rosso Hungary spec monkey seat. Well, more like monkey bleachers really.Toro-Rosso-GP-Ungarn-Budapest-Donnerstag-23-7-2015-fotoshowImage-42dc08-884719

Below picture shows the damage to Daniel Ricciardo’s front wing from the Rosberg incident, clearly the best move for the team was to pit him and ensure a Red Bull 2-3 finish.



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