Episode #053 – AFL Round 19 Wrapped

Well, we come to round 19 of the AFL, a round where shit actually got sorted out for a change. No more of this ‘the top four is set and 5-14 are playing for finals.’ Believe me son the chickens are comin’ home to roost y’all.

Richmond prove that nostalgia is a curse best burnt, as they dish up a Tigers of old performance. The Crows however keep their finals dream alive!

Collingwood reveal their young gun recruit, that looks remarkably like Dane Swan without a beard. That’s right, Jamie Elliott is back.

Spring is nearly here and the Doggies are in heat, layin’ a good fucken to everything in sight.

The Suns win the Coke Coast Cup, proving time and time again that if you want good coke that isn’t cut with clenbuterol, you need to head to the Eastern States.

We propose that the aging skill of Geelong are only as good as the Coaches strategy (but they still have a red hot chance at a flag, if that coaching is correct).

If the key to building a great team is from the midfield out, then we argue the case that the next step is having your assistant coach at half back, as evidenced in the Hawks Eagles game.

Norf beat those private school boys at the MFC. Get a bit weak kneed over Hogan for a lil while, but we still hang it on Watts and get a few digs in before ski season is over, when the Melbourne faithful start listening to us again.

We dissect the pain and arduous, torturous, cruel process of being a Bombers supporter in these times, and we reveal EVERYTHING they need to do to get out of this mess.
LOL, just joking, we’re still giving them shit, but we’re also still backing the Saints for a fan favourite win before the seasons done.

Also, is it in the best interest for the leaders to tank?

The tanking debate is alive and well my rhetoric weary friends!!!!

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