Episode #054 – AFL Round 20 Wrapped

In this episode we explore the weekend that was round 20 of the AFL season.

Sydney edge out Collingwood in a gritty match to end their finals hopes. Luckily they came prepared with tissues.

Adelaide put the final straw on the back of strongest fucking camel the world has ever known.

Norf put a St Kilda performance on St Kilda, but still a chance of missing out on the finals.

Port and GWS put on a slick display of skills, we debate if there is a rivalry in the making there.

The great rivalry that is Geelong and Hawthorn is officially over. I only just decided that now, so that’s not even discussed, but maybe next week. Anyway, Hawthorn smash a flaccid Geelong.

Brisbane Lions beat Carlton. So,just with that Lions fans, you gotta be pretty psyched.

Josh Bronwyn Bishops his way into a Jeep corporate box for the Richmond v Gold Coast game.

Bulldogs fans should be as excited as a dog with two dicks in a forest.

Were Melbourne more excited than Western Australia over the derby?
Probably not, but we try and make the case anyway.

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