Episode #058 – Formula 1 Italian GP Wrapped

In this episode we check around the traps of the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, in what hopefully isn’t are last look at F1 cars belting around the beautiful and historical Monza track.

Get ya fucken shit together Bernard.

Kimi is renowned for his pre race naps, usually he wakes up before the lights go out though.

Maldonado. Yep. You all know where this is heading.

Josh gives you an update on Lewis’ shit fashion, and we’re now claiming expert status. Joan Rivers would be turning over in her face.

Another Honda engine commits seppuku.

In Austro-Prussian war news, we reveal that the German’s are refusing to give the Austrian’s an engine, the Italians have come to the rescue against their old ally, and we debate the merits of this.

Brenton makes sure you know he thinks Arrivabene is a ‘cool cat,’ whatever the fuck that is.

Australia announces they’re opening the border to accept 12,000 Syrian refugees, and Mitch Evans.

We plot to collaborate with the Italian mafioso to steal an F1 car.

We also give F1 a kick in the balls for not giving a shit about decent merchandise.  You can have all my money, all of it, just make cool lookin’ merch and it’s all yours!

And we look ahead to Singapore for the return of decent on track action. That doesn’t involve Pastor.

Warning: This episode could contain traces of actual facts.

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Credit for the photos goes to Sutton Images, omnicourse, motorsport magazine, Auto Motor und Sport (AMuS) and the excellent people at the forums of F1technical.net.

Interesting series of photos showing the Honda power unit being put into the McLaren. Pics from the F1T forums.

 McLaren Honda PU

McLaren Honda PU 2

McLaren Honda PU 3

The McLaren battery about to be put in. Would def fit in the boot of my skyline.

McLaren ERS battery Omnicourse

Monza is all about being slippery down the straights, and that means you start unbolting downforce. Below are the rear wing variations.

We see the spoon wing again from Mercedes. Less aggressive than the Spa version, and probably a one off custom for Monza.

merc slight spoon wing 2

McLaren rear wing is skinnier than JB’s chances of another WDC. Also red flo-viz on the stripped front wing, which you may see looks remarkably close to Red Bulls thanks to the acquisition of Peter Prodromou from Red Bull at the seasons start.

McLaren flo viz

DRS open, just in case Fernando is considering an overtake on JB.

McLaren DRS open Red Bull rear wingWilliams had a simple and clever solution to shed some drag and not have to fork out much cash by simply chopping the top off of the upper wing flap.williams rear wing  Ferrari rear wing

Sauber wing skinnier than an anorexic teen doing the 40 hour famine. Also using twin central pillars to support their rear wing.

Sauber rear wing

Front wings were also simplified to enhance top speed down the many straights of Monza. Here you see the Ferrari front wing stripped of some elements.

ferrari corner 2  McLaren reverted to their long nose for Monza, ’cause why the fuck not.McLaren long noseMerc front wing

Max Verstappen after his engine cover blew off while rushing out to complete a lap in time for qualifying. Best lookin car on the circuit in this trim.

Toro Rosso uncovered


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