Episode #060 – AFL Finals Round 2 Wrapped

Only two games on this week, but plenty of action in those….well….one of them, but the off field rumour mill is just starting to hit full boost, so we sort out the proper news from the propaganda.
Well, we don’t really sort it all out. In fact, we may have just added to it, but I just thought of that and it sounded too good not to go with.

And as all feel good stories for the year have gone, like Chris Newman winning a fairytale flag in his last year, reality struck, with the Crows getting a shellacking at the hands of the Hawks.

Deliberate out of bounds was an issue this weekend too. Impressed by Hodges bump on Wingard, and his ability to play on due to the padding on the post, we debate having a padded wall instead of a boundary line.

We also review our pre season ladder prediction, which will be posted on our social media sites.

The Kangas look to get their hands on the premiership cup, and take something of value back to North Melbourne that wasn’t stolen.

A heap of retirements have happened, we go through a couple, and trade rumours, we also compare the MRP to the NSAC and just quietly, we’ll take the MRP any day of the week.

Oh yeah, we went live on YouTube too, and will be doing a live (well, maybe 30 sec delay) podcast during the brownlow medal. This way, we can go through the events of the games that happened while channel 7 bullshits along with all sorts of fillers, and you can live chat to us while its happening and ask questions/banter/call us a cunt, you know, whatever yo feel like doin’.

This podcast contains 70% of your required daily nutritional intake.

Also, our pre season ladder predictions. The * next to Adelaide and Richmond on Josh’s list is because he straight up forgot they existed, or that we have had 18 teams for a while now, and we’re not gonna let that go through to the keeper.

ladder predictions


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