Episode #061 – F1 Singapore GP Wrapped

In this episode we get all the news and events from the Singapore Grand Prix.

One dumbass English fan realises that Sebastian Vettel is in fact not his Uber driver.

One dumbass driver forgets that his last name is Maldonado, not Manuel Fangio.

Speaking of, Lotus look to ensure Renault don’t get too many laps under their belt next year by sticking them with Pastor right before the buyout.

VW rumours are gaining momentum, this time in the guise of buying out the Red Bull team. We go through all the factors and possibilities.

Driver shakeups are kicking into gear, with most barriers being drawn now.

Mercedes finally have an off weekend and some bad luck for Lewis. We’ve got our own conspiracy theories.

Lot’s more developments off track than on from this weekend, and with Suzuka right up this weekend, you need to catch up on all the latest news because it is all happening now, and Suzuka will be a big weekend not only on the track, but off as well.

Haas look to have settled on their drivers, with announcements potentially this weekend. Will Jenson retire in Suzuka? Will he go to WEC? Will Alonso say “hey fucker, not without me you don’t!” and high tail it out of the McLaren shemozzle? Can blood be a feasible alternative to flo-viz? Is 20 million enough for Josh to secure a race seat?

We answer all those tough questions.

Pics of all the new fiddly bits on the cars will be updated shortly.

All credit for photos go to Auto Motor und Sport (AMuS), Craig Scarborough, Sutton Images, Tobias Gruener, GP Update, F1fanatic.co.uk, and a lot of info and pics are gathered from the F1Technical.net forums (no affiliation). If you’re looking to go in depth into development, check them out ’cause there’s some smart dudes on there who can answer all sorts of questions. I’m just looking at giving you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes to hopefully pique your interest and lead you to your own research in these areas.

Firstly, gotta check out these beautiful cars under the Singapore lights.


Ferrari Lights

Force India

FI lights


Fernando Alonso (ESP) McLaren MP4-30 at Formula One World Championship, Rd13, Singapore Grand Prix, Practice, Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore, Friday 18 September 2015.

Williams lightsRed Bull

RBR DR under lights

Below is an example of the aggressive rake of the Red Bull compared to some rivals.

 RBR Rake 2Williams rakeFI rake

Lots of development going on on the floor area ahead of the rear wheels. A few different theories as to why, but it’s interesting to see the teams experiment with different solutions.


Sauber floor rear wheel


Ferrari floor rear


McLaren Floor rear

Front wings had some tweaking and elements bolted back on after a few high speed circuits.

James Key keeps impressing with tidy solutions and development on the skinnier Toro Rosso budget. Going to be hard for Toro Rosso to be able to hold on to him to be honest, wouldn’t be surprised if he is poached by perhaps a Ferrari backed Haas move.

New front wing

TR new front wing

Old front wing

TR old front wing

Throwing the front wings of Marussia in here so you can see how much difference a big budget (or an actual budget) for development makes.

marussia front wing compare budgets

Compare the Marussia to the complex Mercedes front wing.

Merc front wing detail

Sauber have introduced their version of the short nose. Not quite as stubby as the rest, but they’re trying.

Sauber front wing short nose TGruener 2 Sauber front wing short nose TGruener

Other bits n pieces

Sauber sporting some tiny brake ducts.

Sauber front brake duct

Holy Shit!!! Red Bull really do give you wings?!?!  Where do I sign up for one of these??? RBR gives u wingsRBR gives u wings 2

Come on now, if you were a mechanic and had a spare moment, you’d jump in and pretend to be Daniel Ricciardo too

RBR Mechanic having a play


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