Episode #066 – AFL Trade Week 1

In this episode we go through the trade and free agency freak show that is the AFL trade period. Otherwise known as the time between AFL and Melbourne Cup.

Have Freo flooded themselves with valuable little men, which was never their weak point?

Have West Coast been higher than an eagle and not given a fuck about trades n shit?

We decide the winner and losers for each trade, unless we forgot, in which case we didn’t decide a winner or loser. Go fuck yourself.

Have Geelong hired a Wall St shark to conduct their trades, ensuring everyone gets ripped off and nobody quite knows how?

Are rural players at a disadvantage by not being able to cite homesickness as a means to get into a premiership club?

May as well be a fortune teller, because it’s easy to predict your clubs future from the info in this podcast.*

*Info may not be in actual podcast.


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