Episode #067 – AFL Trade Week 2

Our latest AFL podcast is out!

In this episode we wrap up the events of the end of the AFL trade period, as well as giving you a preview of the AFL draft. Shit hang on, we hardly mention the draft because the only player your club is going to want is Lachie Tiziani, the rest of the draft is just for shits n giggles.

Are Carlton addicted to single digit draft picks?

Jake Carlisle does his best to raise awareness for poor decision making.

Are Brisbane strategising to win the AFL flag via lay down misere?

Have GWS and Melbourne taken heed from the property scammers by raising the price of shit players hoping that another team takes the bait and they can cash in?

Did GWS offload a zirconia ring covered in feces?

Why the fuck was there a 90 odd draft pick traded for some Fitzpatrick fella? What the fuck is going on there? No answers for that in this podcast….

And plenty more inside, plenty more left outside.

Follow us on iTunes, acast, soundcloud, twitter, clickingballs.com, we have some plans for the off season and we’re looking at a few interesting interviews down the pipeline, waiting to confirm those but we be doin work kents, so keep up to date for random interesting episodes.


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