Episode #072 – Formula E Malaysia E Prix

In this episode we take a look at the absolute carnage that was the pewtr, puta, pucha- er, Malaysian E Prix.

Has Buemi taken the baton off of Mark Webber as the unluckiest bloke in open wheel racing?

Should Villeneuve give it up?

Will Trulli stick around so we have fodder for jokes?

Will we soon see bespoke Formula E furniture on ebay?

Can anyone actually pronounce the name of the Malaysian circuit?

Is Josh the father of his baby?

We also take a look at the next round at the Punta del Este circuit in Uruguay.

All that and more in this episode!


Photos, Notes from Podcast and Random Shit

All photos are from Motorsport.com and the official Formula E website.

Now I see where they can head with Formula E. Make it part of a triathlon.

Start out with a run along the beach of Punta del Este:

Frijns Triathlon

Then a bike ride…

Senna Bike

Then you jump into the car and race to the finish.


Although it looks like Villeneuve’s car has just been stolen. This is best for everyone.

Villneuve Car Stolen




I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Sebastien Buemi’s engineer somewhere before….


Ah that’s right, it’s that dude from The Hangover. Maybe he was still wrecked from Thailand….





The good thing about spinning is that you can give the other fella ‘what for’ or flip him the bird straight away. JEV and Heidfeld below.

Heidfeld JEV crash




Still trying to figure out the point of this sign. Is JEV not sure if he should go straight or reverse?!





I think porn is responsible for girls always trying to make their mouth look like a butthole for photos.

Lady butthole impression




Well, at least a couple of di Grassi’s team came to celebrate.

Lucas Di Grassi




Nico Prost trying to break his car again. He knows it’s a Renault yeah? Need to be nice to those.





The result of Oliver Turvey’s crash.

Oliver Turvey




Beautiful sunset in Malaysia.

Renault sunset




I can’t tell if they need a hand or not…

Team Virgin garage




These guys need all the hands they can get.

Team Trulli garage




And our podium celebrations!



Also the video we talked about on the podcast, 360 degree on-board interactive start! Good job Formula E.


Chuck some solar panels on these and I think we’ve just found a replacement for the Trulli Team in Uruguay! Introducing Team ‘Straya!


Punta del Este Circuit



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