Episode #075 – AFL December News

In this episode we go through the events of the AFL that you could just about pass as news.

First, with Stereosonic happening and people not knowing how to safely survive the day, Heath takes us through a review of the energy drink market, not only what’s best, but where the best place to find it in store is.

We go through some of the interesting Best and Fairest results. Not one second is spent on telling everyone that the fairest should be taken out.

Chris Judd is already doing all the steps necessary to ensure his lad never has to play for Carlton.

Should Essendon make Zaharakis the captain, coach and CEO of Essendon? His decision making abilities are second to none, so there’s a case.

Is Mick Malthouse fixing to recruit Dale Thomas again?

Can Richmond count to 100? Has Alex Rance taken a page out of the Ronda Rousey book of success, and decided to give acting a go?

We know how tough off season can be for AFL addicts like us, so we got the therapy needed to hold you over another week, all in this episode.




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