#076 – UFC Big 3 Weekend Primer



In this episode we give you a heads up on what to expect during a huge weekend for UFC fights. In fact, 3 fight cards in three days, all with big fights, and all with relevant fights when you look at the respective title pictures.

Starting off with the UFC Fight Night 80, we got Paige van Zant vs Rose Namajunas.
In what should have been a battle of the shaved heads, if it weren’t for a huge renege on a charitable head shave by PvZ, we may as well call it the Kangaroo vs the Emu, because neither are going to take a backward step. Can Rose’s creativity get the best of PvZ’s hard workin?

Teenage boy wonder Sage man Zant, aka Sage Northcutt, aka Butters, takes on Cody Pfister. I’m going to let you all write your own jokes for that one.

The unforgiving Jim Miller takes on TUF winner Michael Chiesa, who I mistakenly label a heroin and meth addict who ended up in Vegas, naked, with no idea how he got there. Sorry about that Mike, we still cool though, right?

For the BJJ fans Antonio “Boot Face” Carlos Jr takes on Kevin Casey black belt, Kevin Casey.

This could be why Antonio Carlos Jr is at middleweight, he’s boys with Junior dos Santos. He had some fights at LHW too. But WHOLE-E SHEITE! Look how huge Junior dos Santos is for his fight against Allistair Overeem! ‘Reem won’t know whether to fight him or cook him for dinner!


The next day we move on to The Ultimate Fighter (McGregor vs Faber) finale, where we don’t know the finalists yet because it airs tomorrow, however, huge fights already booked. These main eventers are really the understudies to UFC 194, but deserving #1 contender fights none the less.

They may as well put a stripper pole in the middle of the octogon for Joe Lauzon and Evan Dunham, because they both gonna put their ass on the line and make it rain that sweet sweet bonus cash.

We got Tony Ferguson vs Edson Barboza. We’re calling the front row the slips cordon, because one mistake and there’s gonna be a head flying your way at speed.

Edgar vs Mendez. You’re gonna need to put match sticks in your eyes, because if you blink, at all, you’re definitely gonna miss something. This is a deserving #1 contender title (to be fair, Frankie arguable deserved a title shot before McGregor) and also a ‘plan B’ in case Aldo or McGregor pull out. Then again if you pull out right you don’t need a plan B.

Next, the card that has something for everyone, UFC 194!
Demian Maia vs Gunnar Nelson is a fight that could take place in any arena, whether it be Metamoris, Eddie Bravo Invitational, the UFC or open mat at your local joint. Every BJJ practitioner has their eye on this one. Lets hope it doesn’t disappoint.

If it does disappoint, the next fight is Jacare vs Yoel Romero. Jacare. Romero. Holy pyramid of Giza I don’t know if the octogon is strong enough to contain these two monsters. Its hilarious that either of these dudes gets escorted to the octagon by security. If you havent seen Jacare defeat Roger Gracie in a BJJ match, with a broken arm, then check this out:



Next we have the middleweight championship belt on the line, with Luke Rockhold fighting Chris Weidman. AKA vs Serra/Longo. Many argue Weidmans previous title defenses were against legends past their prime. This is not the case in this fight. I’m looking forward to this fight more than Aldo/McGregor. These two dudes are killers. Rockhold fights Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier every week by choice. For fun. Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva. Then he broke Silva’s leg. Could have broke Silva’s dick too because he needed boner pills after that. This fight will deliver, or else I’ll shave my head.

Then McGregor vs Aldo. I don’t even need to build this one up. I don’t even need to. If you’ve read this far, you know who Aldo and McGregor are and how much this fight has been built up.

Get into it! Get your mates, head down the pub, enjoy some of the most well trained athletes on the planet go toe to toe in combat.


And one last question. Why is Fabricio Werdum the only one turning left? Is he trying to make a modelling career, a la Hansel, instead of going the movie route like some of his contemporaries?

Werdum turns left


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