Episode #077 – AFL News & Cricket review



In this episode we look to gain a perspective on what it’s like barracking for Essendon in these times, so we’re joined by special guest Will. With a resume and sharp wit like Will’s, it was an easy choice.

How do the Bombers get past the mental fatigue of off field issues, which are about as depressing as your mother-in-law moving in for a year?

Is there love lost for Hirdy?
Have the Bombers forgotten that a ruckman is key to getting the most out of their midfield talent?

As the Bombers look to have success without superhero supplements, the Hawks finally get rid of their power ranger uniforms.

The bulldogs have found a specimen in their club, which wasn’t a pickled Dougie Hawkins at the bar.

The Suns have announced that Gary Ablett will still be captain. We still can’t figure out who else they were considering, but we try.

With a billion dollars down the gurgler due to the failed East-West link, the state government looks to extort more money from our coffers with the announcement of another pointless initiative: funding St Kilda’s move back to Moorabbin.

Kangaroos could be the most financially successful stringent club going around at the moment, a clear result of letting Todd Goldstein handle the books.

We go through some cricket as well, with the big bash league about to start and a very unexciting test series underway against the Windies.

Who the hell is this Windies team? Will they be able to field a team once the big bash starts? Will they get paid?

Could this all be playing into the hands of the A-League?

We sort it all out in this episode!

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