Episode #079 – Essendon 2016 AFL Season Primer

In this episode we give you all the info you need, and some opinions you probably don’t need for the upcoming 2016 Essendon campaign for the cup.

We’re joined once again by Will, who is back by popular demand, and because he’s one of the few Bombers supporters who kept his sense of humour throughout a 2015 season that made mere mortals cry.

Between paying fines for back room indiscretions and snorting lines in bathroom transgressions, there has been plenty of fodder for Essendon enemies to sink the boots in.
As a high brow podcast* we’re drawing a line under all of that stuff and looking at how the Bombers can once again become worthy adversaries, and the reality is that they’re probably not as afar away from that as you’d think.

Will Luenwhateverbergen step up and fill the big hole they have in the rucking department?

Is Daniher allergic to the weights room?

With three line coaches now appointed, will the squad finally learn how to to not get caught doing them?

Have we developed a man crush on Hurley and Zaharakis?

Will we see them join the fight in earnest for that 8th finals spot?

Plus our completely useless ladder predictions!

All that and hopefully something else, in this episode!

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