Episode #080 – Richmond Tigers 2016 Season Primer

In this episode we take a look at the challenge that lay ahead of the Richmond Tigers as they try and take the next step and win a final. Or will they go back to their Guardians of the Finals position?

We’re joined by special guest Richie, who is a way more credible Tigers correspondent than Brenton.

You may remember Richie from our Balls Deep podcast we did with him (episode 44). Not only a talented Brasilian Jiu Jitsu fighter and lover of all things Japanese, Richie actually attends the Richmond meetings to suss out just what is going on at Tigerland.
With his cauliflower ears that close to the ground, we had to get him in!

Will Brownlow Medalist Trent Cotchin finally come up big in the crunch games and march into the second round of the finals?

Will a Rioli ad a bit of magic to the forward line and free up Jack to do some damage facing the goals?

What brave soul has the job of giving Ivan Maric constructive criticism?

Will the Tigers crack the 100k members barrier due to disillusioned Blues and Bombers fans jumping ship?

Will the Tigers embrace their bad boy image and become the L.A Raiders of the AFL?

Plus our ladder predictions (of which we have granted a mulligan for our Essendon picks), best and worst performances of 2015, danger games of 2016, and who has their head settled into Richie’s guillotine?

All that inside this espisode!





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