#083 – Adelaide Crows 2016 AFL Season Primer

It’s time to put the Adelaide Crows under the spotlight for our latest 2016 AFL Season Primer!

After a tumultuous season in 2015, in which they generally over achieved, will the benchmark for a successful Adelaide Crows season be raised?

Will a matured and confident Adelaide Crows enable Tex to come down the ground and dominate games in a fashion we haven’t seen since Wayne Carey?

Can Eddie Betts actually get better? We turn a leaf and finally concede that it’s ok to name something after Eddie.

Is this the season that Sloane starts to hit Fyfe type form?

Have the knitting Nannas that choked up Footy Park moved aside to let the youngens create a great atmosphere at Adelaide Oval?

How will the settled coaching staff find the next gear for the squad?

How many times will we hear how great Adelaide Oval looks this year?

Plus our regular look at best and worst players, plus our regular look at best and worst players, games, who is on the chopping block, danger rounds for 2016 and our completely useless ladder predictions!

All that probably in this episode!



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