US Sports Fans: Which AFL team should you follow?

Every year once the SuperBowl ends, we see an influx of American sports fans looking for something else to fill the void. Inevitably they stumble on to this Aussie (mispronounced as ‘ossie’ – say “OZ – E”) game and then looking for a team to root for. 

Firstly – don’t root for a team. You barrack for a team, or follow a team, or support a team. In Australian vernacular, root can mean “to have sex with”, so unless that’s your thing it’s probably best to stay away.

Anyway – the golden rule is watch a few games and then see which team picks you. But for those with less patience, we’ve done some quick comparisons for AFL teams and their American counterparts to give you a leg up.


logo-adelaideADELAIDE CROWS – Red, yellow and blue.

US TEAM – Greenbay Packers: Always there abouts, never terrible and consistent all around. Have(had) a small town market all to their own.


logo-brisbane-inverseBRISBANE LIONS – Maroon, gold and blue.

US TEAM – Toronto Raptors: You’re kind of surprised a team is up there, I mean do they like basketball in Canada?



logo-bulldogsWESTERN BULLDOGS – Red, white and blue.

US TEAM – New York Jets: Team no one hates, struggle for support and attention in a town dominated by other teams, and hey did you know they actually won it all once? It was ages ago though.



carlton logoCARLTON BLUES – Navy blue.

US TEAM – LA Lakers: One of the most successful teams of all time, but now Kobe (Judd) is gone and they are terrible. Still able to pull off massive trades for stars for no apparent team based reason (For LA, so they can live in LA. For Carlton because they get brown paper bags)



logo-collingwoodCOLLINGWOOD MAGPIES – Black and white.

US TEAM – NY Yankees minus the dominant success. The team everyone loves to hate, biggest supporter base.



logo-essendonESSENDON BOMBERS – Black and red.

US TEAM – San Franciso Giants: Long history, great success, but BALCO and Barry Bonds is here now.



logo-fremantle-invertedFREMANTLE DOCKERS – Purple and white.

US TEAM – Buffalo Bills: Perennial losers for a long time, then had a great system put in that found success but never the top glory.



logo-geelongGEELONG CATS – blue and white.

US TEAM – Chicago Bulls: Had a very successful period when they had Michael Jordan (Gary Ablett Jnr) and are now getting back to success with Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler (Selwood and Dangerfield)



logo-goldcoastGOLD COAST SUNS – Red, yellow and white.

US TEAM – Cleveland Cavs: Have Lebron (Ablett) but still not much else. Could Campbell Brown be Dellavedova?



logo-gwsGREATER WESTERN SYDNEY – Grey, orange and white.

US TEAM – LA Clippers: Man do they have some exciting talent, but in a two horse town they are the younger, less successful horse.



logo-hawthornHAWTHORN HAWKS – Brown and yellow.

US TEAM – San Antonio Spurs: Ageing stars that just keep on delivering, solid team from end to end.



logo-melbourneMELBOURNE DEMONS – Blue and red.

US TEAM – Chicago Cubs: Old club, lots of history, not much recent success.



logo-nmfcNORTH MELBOURNE KANGAROOS – Blue and white.

US TEAM – Indianapolis Colts: Two periods of success a few years apart. Blue and white.



logo-ptadelaidePORT ADELAIDE POWER – Teal, black and white.

US TEAM – Dallas Mavericks: Came from nowhere to surprise everyone with young talent. Rise quickly, fell quickly, looking to impress again.



logo-richmondRICHMOND TIGERS – Yellow and black.

US TEAM – Chicago Bears: Had success, had good players and strong support, but failings in finals are legendary and the butt of many jokes.



logo-stkildaST KILDA SAINTS – Red, black and white.

US TEAM – Oklahoma City Thunder: Actually won it a long time ago, but terrible for the most part. Young talent with stars in their eyes though.



logo-sydneySYDNEY SWANS – Red and white.

US TEAM – Boston RedSox: Big club with the money, red & white too. Recent success after long drought.



logo-wceWEST COAST EAGLES – Blue and yellow.

US TEAM – Miami Heat: Lots of stars all at once and very powerful, but then fell fast. However able to attract and build lots of stars again and can challenge again.



Think we’ve got it wrong? Add your comparisons in the comment section below!


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