#086 – Port Adelaide Power 2016 Season Primer

A look at the Port Power’s run in 2015 – what happened? – and a primer for season 2016.

So what happened in 2015? The year that was meant to be the big challenge for the flag and instead missed out on finals all together. At least they’re playing watchable footy, no doubt.

Beat the premiers twice? Check. Lose to 17th and 18th? Check – check!

Robbie Gray showed that 2014 was no fluke, Chad Wingard got another AA jumper and Travis Boak again made those that gave him the captaincy look like geniuses.

Should John Butcher still be playing AFL? Can Ken Hinkley turn them all around?

We give our best guesses at what is to come, but one word should be on the lips of all Power fans – optimism.


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  1. Found it amusing you mentioned that if Adelaide make the 8 this year to look out. That was Port last year, hardest draw in the comp (all teams they played twice were in the 8 at the end of the year) and missed the 8 by a single game. They’re consistency let them down, but their best was good enough to have given anyone a scare if they made finals.


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