Episode #088 – sydney Swans 2016 AFL season Primer

Our latest 2016 AFL Season Primer is now out!

If cocaine sniffing yuppies who can no longer get a beer after 1.30am sounds like your thing, then rest easy knowing you can now listen to our Sydney Swans 2016 Primer while Ubering you’re way home from the Ivy, or whatever shit club you frequent that now shuts at sunset.

Saddle in with your left over sixer of Tooheys as we literally run down our expectations for Sydney. Literally as in we thought they would do better until our intensive research department* went through the numbers, and we had to run down our original expectations.

If the Swans are to win another flag, they need to improve their win loss record against the top 8. We have no suggestions on how to do it, only observe that they are shit at doing it.

All hope is not lost though Swans fans. Heeney is looking like Warrick Capper and Dale Thomas (pies version) mashed up, and will generate excitement amongst the young Swannies. Will the pairing with newly recruited Callum Mills be the next evolution of the Sydney Swans?

The chopping block is a busy place is Sydney Town, who have we circled as stepping close to the guillotine?

Brenton tells you what ‘the thing is’, repeatedly. The thing is the Swans don’t need to be good to play home finals, and we detail why inside this episode.

Plus our look at the best and worst performances of 2015, players who are looking down the barrel, important clashes in 2016, double up games and of course our completely useless ladder predictions!

Also, we all hope Buddy gets through his troubles, and if its possible play a full season with the Swans in 2016.

Check out the Swans hopes in 2016 in this episode!

*Department may not actually be intense. Or conduct research. OK we have no fucking research department.



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