Episode #119 – AFL Round 21 Wrapped

Round 21 is over, and may we be the first to welcome back exciting football. Maybe not the most skilled in most cases but hey, ya take what you can get.
Nic Nat paddywacked GWS all the way back to the East coast, Treloar almost beats the Bulldogs, with coming away injury free probably the most important result in that game.
Again Brisbane play shit for most of the season then ensure their coach gets fired by playing one good game, showing they do have skill and talent, so must be the coach. I’m sure Leppa and Vossy will laugh about it. Or perform a hostile takeover of the Brisbane Board.

Eddie may have claimed the rights to every forward pocket around the country, but Buddy lets it be known that the rest of the forward line is his with an emphatic display at Etihad.
Essendon get a win they need but don’t particularly want, while Adelaide happily kick the shit out of a shambolic Fremantle.

Oh yeah we’ve analysed the stats and poured through the qualitative data, and we can tell you exactly how shit Richmond’s 4th quarter was, and some things that aren’t even quite that shit.

All that and our 2 cents on next week in this episode!



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