It’s a sports podcast. Keeping you up to date with whats happening in sports, while adding a thick layer of smart assery to help it go down easier. Also conducting interviews to get the stories out there straight from the source, none of this ‘one week at a time’ media managed bullshit, just characters being characters.



CB photo cropped 300 width

Good at playing cards, even better at cheating at cards.

Always one to include byes and leg byes in my batting score, as well as runs I would have made had my partner been faster.

Won the award for ‘best bowler’ in cricket once and they gave me a bat. Cruel.

If you read a comment on our twitter feed and think ‘geez, that’s a bit harsh,’ there’s a good chance it was me.

Supported Teams/People: Richmond Tigers, Daniel Ricciardo, Mark Hunt, Golden State Warriors, Shane van Gisbergen, Jack Miller, Marcos Ambrose, Chad Reed, Melbourne Victory, West Brom.



Broken Hill Footy GHeathames: 11

Broken Hill Footy Goals: 2

Highest score in cricket: 61* at drinks, then dad rocks up to watch and I’m out 2 balls after drinks.

I once played a total of 15 minutes out of 160 at a basketball carnival, and got paid $50 for it thus making me a former professional basketball player.

Supported Teams: Hawthorn, West Bromich Albion, Chicago Bulls




joshAFL games attended: 124 (8 finals)

Times I’ve had someone say “Mate, you’re at the wrong game” when attending a non-North Melbourne game while wearing a North Beanie: 12

Times had car vandalised/broken into while attending a Collingwood game: 4

Blue belt in BJJ, Black belt in Dick Jokes (Self ranked).

Once got 12 stitches while making tea. Chicks don’t dig all scars. Or men who bleed profusely in the kitchen.

Supported Teams: North Melbourne Kangaroos, Red Bull Racing, Melbourne Victory.


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