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Episode #130 – Mixed Sports To Kick Off 2017

Happy New Year and all that, here’s our first episode for the year. Bit of a rambling one covering cricket, footy and UFC. Has the Big Bash League caught your attention? Do you have a team yet? And can Ronda Rousey become the world dominater that she once was? Hear our responses in this episode.

By the way – we had no idea James Hird had the health scare when we recorded, only found out afterwards.


Episode #111 – UFC 199 Wrapped

It been a little while since we covered the UFC, but to be honest there wasn’t a whole lot going on except Conor. We’ve still been keeping our finger on the pulse though as UFC builds up to its much hyped UFC 200 and beyond.

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Episode #091 – UFC 196 Primer

A big card of UFC fights on this weekend at UFC 196 Red Panty night (Sunday morning for Australia), so we thought we would take a look at some of the interesting fights on this weekend.

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#076 – UFC Big 3 Weekend Primer



In this episode we give you a heads up on what to expect during a huge weekend for UFC fights. In fact, 3 fight cards in three days, all with big fights, and all with relevant fights when you look at the respective title pictures.

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Episode #048 – UFC 189 Wrapped + bonus chat about the fights that mattered on the TUF Finale card

In this episode we go through all the events (well not all, just the important ones)from the weekends UFC activities. This includes one of THE

But first we go through the Karate Hotties UFC debut on the Ultimate Fighter card, as well as a quick wrap of the finale and Wonderboys nomination for KO of the year.

Then its straight onto the undercard of UFC 189!
The money thrown at promoting this event was not wasted or in vain. DELIVERED!

Honestly if my blurb is what gets you interested, you obviously didn’t watch the main card, go ahead and watch it now. I’ll wait.

We get a Boston Back Alley Brawl between Pickett and Almeida.

Gunnar Nelson puts credence to the Kimi Raikonnen theory, that Scandinavians don’t feel. Like, at all.

Josh continues his war on nicknames when Jeremy Stephens takes on Dennis Bermudez.

Brenton proves he loves his metaphors like a fat kid loves cake.

Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler give everything at getting cast in the next season of ‘The Walking Dead.’

Sinead O’Connor may have sang Connor’s entrance this time, but if Metallica aren’t blaring out ‘Master of Puppets’ in his next bout, then we’ve failed, because he played Chad Mendes like a fiddle.

Getchu some.

Episode #044 – Balls Deep With Richard Garrett

Ritchie is a friend of ours through jiu jitsu, who on a recent study trip to Japan got involved with their jitsu and the Japanese Australian Football League.

We sat down to find out what it’s like making people bleed, choking them, straddling them into submission, and his future as a BDSM geisha.

Episode 039 – UFC 188 Wrapped

In this episode we wrap up the events of UFC 188. It was a huge event for the monster division, with Fabricio Werdum proving that hard work, persistence, and being a good bloke can actually make you the baddest motherfucker on the planet. Also showing that intelligence can get you to the top even in the top weight divisions.

This was really a card of guillotines, low blows and pirate fighting. Otherwise known as eye pokes.

Clay Collard shows how not to be a fighter, Cathal Pendred and Augusto Montano show that nobody is gonna fuck with them on Dancing With the Stars.

Johnny Case gets a few nicknames thrust upon him like cock to a Kittens dancer short on rent, while Francisco Travino is less hurt the more he gets beat up, according to him.

Pat Williams and Efrain Escudero make me decide on how I want to pronounce ‘guillotine.’ Luckily this discussion lasts the entirety of Henry Cejudo and Tecia Torres wins.

Yair Rodriguez proves that the Matrix may be non fiction, while Charles Rosa proves that that wont make fuck all difference in a real fight.

Kevin Gastelum proves that good trainers that give a fuck make the best cornermen. No bullshit, if anything else, listen to what we have to say about this stoppage. This should set the precedence for cornermen.

Eddie Alvarez is a fucken shoe in for Miss Guthries next pirate shit out of Nassau, fighting Pirate style and getting the win. If there ever is an UFC card on September 19th, then Eddie Alvarez has to have the job. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Oh yeah, and theres only the unification fight to award the BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But yeah, hey, I’m sure there’s heaps more important things you could be doin’.

Episode 034 – UFC 187 Wrap Up

In this episode we go through the events of UFC 187. The most stacked card of the year, definitely had a lot of action, some surprises, a new champion, a still champion, and a fight of the year contender!

We decide if John Dodson deserves a title shot over Benevidez or even Moraga.

Are AKA going to lock out the top 3 weight categories?

Does Donald Cerrone suffer severe home sickness when he’s not in an octagon?

Kuntz gets pounded, and in the name of equal rights for everyone we’ve traded in dick jokes for ‘gina jokes.

We debate two of the best stoppages we’ve seen in recent times.

Is Vitor’s pharmacist slacking off? Why did Vitor shave a sword into the side of his mane? Should the strapper have decided to go without blinkers?

We get as excited as a … know what, Travis Browne fought Andrei Arlovski. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch that fight before doing anything else, even downloading this. If that don’t get you excited then may I recommend Formula 1 or AFL as your chosen mode of pleasure?

Ok I lied, there’s a guy named Dong on the card, of course we got dick jokes!


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Episode 029 – UFC 187 Preview

We got a good response from our last UFC Adelaide preview and fighter profiles so we’ve come back again with a preview for UFC 187. We’ve also got a new UFC intro that we give a run.

UFC 187, appropriately named as this card murders. We sort out a lot of the shit nicknames in MMA and start dishing out some decent ones*, we reveal the fighter we would sponsor if Reebok hadn’t outbid us on the UFC sponsorship deal, talk the legitimacy of the LHW belt with Jones being stripped, Can Vitor be Vitor without TRT, or steroids if he’s off them too. Is this the most stacked card ever? Possibly our most offensive show ever. Now if that doesn’t convince you that you need our opinions on the UFC, then…..well…..AFL and Monaco GP are this weekend too so just hold the fuck on.

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*may not actually be decent. Refunds not accepted.

Post edit: Jessica Aguilar was released from World Series Of Fighting (WSOF) not Invicta.

Episode 027 – UFC Adelaide Post Fight Review

In this episode we review the awesome card for UFC Adelaide. We break down all the fights, where our local fighters got it wrong or right, and we talk about UFC Melbourne coming up at the end of the year and give you some possibilities for potential fights and who you need to keep your eye on. We also adopt a few winners as Australians. Read the rest of this entry