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AFL Footy Podcast Game Show #06

It’s time for another instalment of the Footy Podcast Game Show, we actually have a sponsor this time! Us!
We go through the West Coast 92 premiership team, we remind you just how shifty umpires and Greg Willams are, and theres evidence that Richmond captains of the last 20 years are pretty unremarkable.
Listen and prove that Josh and Brenton don’t know shit, and you should be the next contestant on the show.

All that and more in this episode!



Episode #126 – AFL Fixture Release + Off Season Talk

Well the off-season is well under way, we’ve had a trade period that produced more redundancies than the auto industry, a fixture that may actually make sense, and Jobe still has a Brownlow around his neck.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so jacked up on the hopes of the Tigers fans that I’m ready for Carlton tomorrow. I thought about going down Lygon street and laying a few bumps to stoke the fire, but I don’t much like being stabbed, so we pumped out another podcast instead!

We go through the fixture release, our failed draft podcast, how we’re killing time in the offseason, our plans for upcoming podcasts and plenty more in this episode!


Episode #121 -AFL Round 23 Wrapped

It’s a day late, but we’re glad we wited because Monday was way more interesting than Saturday and Sunday combined!
We go through the guts of the weekend and set aside the bullshit. What mattered and what did gets sorted, plus we go through our own All Australian team except for Josh, because he hates Australia.
We also go through our pre season ladder prediction and crown a new champion! We also look at who was lucky to be in th AA squad, and who was lucky to miss out, some mad Monday and plenty more to talk about all in this episode!


Footy Podcast Gameshow #004

A special episode of the Footy Podcast Gameshow featuring comedian and Bulldogs banner writer Danny McGinlay – competing against regulars Josh and Brenton.

You can buy Danny’s DVD “Danny McGinlay – The First Complete Season” at his website and see him in “Shadow Factory” and “Act Naturally” on his Youtube channel.



more available on Danny McGinlays Youtube.

Episode #113 – Gambling Stories Part 3

It’s time once again to pull up a seat at the felt, tell some stories and drag the occasional pot as we go through some more gambling stories. Joined once again by the Guv Degenerate Donk Dunc we go through stories earned from our time spent at the tables, and some from off the felt.

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#108 – AFL Round 9 Wrapped

Round 9 is in the books and that means it’s time for us to go through the winners and losers, the heroes and villains, the fair and the unfair and even a bit of praise for Collingwood.

We go through the best events of the weekend, see what the results mean for each team and their respective finals/draft ambitions, the stand out players and plays. No update on the Richmond bandwagon this weekend though, as we’re sure the bandwagon has let you know how it’s going already.

All that and more in this episode!

Episode #107 – AFL Round 8 Wrapped

It’s time again to go through the events from the latest round of the AFL season. Round 8 means a third of the season gone and the true ladder begins to take shape.

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#098 – Hawthorn Hawks 2016 Season Primer

In this episode we review the Hawthorn Hawks season 2015 and look forward to see if they can create history in 2016. Read the rest of this entry

Episode #074 – AFL Rookie Draft + Day/Night Test

In this episode we give a run down of the players your club has picked up in the rookie draft.

Some rookies still haven’t learned that people will check your social media to see how badly you have screwed up as a teenager.

Should the AFL force the teams to be mic’d up during their decision making during the draft, even if it’s only shown retrospectively? We put forth the case that it should.

Are the Tigers better off never having a top ten draft pick?

The bombers try to be important in this draft by placing a bid for Jack Silvagni.

Sydney prove the maxim that advantages are taken not handed out.

Will Brisbane be able to keep any players next year?

We argue that the bombers have got the right rock star coaches.

We go give our two cents on the pink ball day night test between Australia and New Zealand.


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Episode #072 – Formula E Malaysia E Prix

In this episode we take a look at the absolute carnage that was the pewtr, puta, pucha- er, Malaysian E Prix.

Has Buemi taken the baton off of Mark Webber as the unluckiest bloke in open wheel racing?

Should Villeneuve give it up?

Will Trulli stick around so we have fodder for jokes?

Will we soon see bespoke Formula E furniture on ebay?

Can anyone actually pronounce the name of the Malaysian circuit?

Is Josh the father of his baby?

We also take a look at the next round at the Punta del Este circuit in Uruguay.

All that and more in this episode!


Photos, Notes from Podcast and Random Shit

All photos are from and the official Formula E website.

Now I see where they can head with Formula E. Make it part of a triathlon.

Start out with a run along the beach of Punta del Este:

Frijns Triathlon

Then a bike ride…

Senna Bike

Then you jump into the car and race to the finish.


Although it looks like Villeneuve’s car has just been stolen. This is best for everyone.

Villneuve Car Stolen




I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Sebastien Buemi’s engineer somewhere before….


Ah that’s right, it’s that dude from The Hangover. Maybe he was still wrecked from Thailand….





The good thing about spinning is that you can give the other fella ‘what for’ or flip him the bird straight away. JEV and Heidfeld below.

Heidfeld JEV crash




Still trying to figure out the point of this sign. Is JEV not sure if he should go straight or reverse?!





I think porn is responsible for girls always trying to make their mouth look like a butthole for photos.

Lady butthole impression




Well, at least a couple of di Grassi’s team came to celebrate.

Lucas Di Grassi




Nico Prost trying to break his car again. He knows it’s a Renault yeah? Need to be nice to those.





The result of Oliver Turvey’s crash.

Oliver Turvey




Beautiful sunset in Malaysia.

Renault sunset




I can’t tell if they need a hand or not…

Team Virgin garage




These guys need all the hands they can get.

Team Trulli garage




And our podium celebrations!



Also the video we talked about on the podcast, 360 degree on-board interactive start! Good job Formula E.


Chuck some solar panels on these and I think we’ve just found a replacement for the Trulli Team in Uruguay! Introducing Team ‘Straya!


Punta del Este Circuit