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Episode #132 – Australia Day Podcast

It’s Australia Day, so we do a rare day time podcast. Talking a little UFC, how the Women’s AFL league could be promoted, and why the new Richmond mascot should be Scooby Doo.

Come to think of it, we didn’t discuss Australia Day at all, which we had actually planned to do. Oh well, hopefully get another crack on May 8th.



Episode #125 – AFL Finals Week 3 Wrapped

Our Grand Finalists for 2016 have been decided, and what a round it was. Geelong look helpless against a ferocious Sydney, with the pressure forcing the Cats into a style of play that lead straight to the gallows.
GWS rip Sydney off of a rivalry that they can genuinely call their own, while the Bulldogs show why they’ve gone from underdogs to wonderdogs (just give me the job now Herald Sun) with the best performance of their season against GWS. A crowd of 20,000 headed to the Western Suburbs to take on the other Western Suburbs, and it was a gang fight for the ages.
We go through all the events, our highlights of the round, and heath has got his hands on the entrance themes for both teams in the Granny!
All that and more in this episode!

Episode #124 – AFL Finals Week 2 + Reddit Wrap

Week two of the finals reveals our four premiership contenders who will fight for the cup. Only 2 games this round saw the Hawks finally lose all finals as the Doggies ran amok on the MCG, while Sydney to look to cement a true rivalry with GWS by handling the Adelaide Crows in dominant fashion to set up a Grand Final or bust game with Geelong.

With not a whole lot else happening besides those two games, we fill you in on the biggest story you don’t know about (we’re guessing Jai Bednall already had his stories written for the week) with the r/AFL subreddit falling under attack from our imperialist dictators, those Seppos on r/Sports. We have some guests ring in to fill us in on what happened, and also set a plan to launch an all out attack during cricket season. WE NEED YOU to join us!

All that and more in this episode!


Episode 123 – AFL Finals Week 1 Wrapped

The first round of the AFL finals is done, with each game raising more questions than answers its opened the race for the flag.

West Coast played like they have a second chance next week, while the Bulldogs show how they can turn up the heat when it matters.
Hawthorn and Geelong knock heads once again with a cracker of a game with Isaac Smith giving the Cats a week off with a shit kick to win it after the siren.
GWS give a collective don’t argue to their cross town and now legit rivals, with a dominant display that made everyone stop and notice, including the Sydney midfield.
Adelaide were a masterful display of hunting in packs to send off a shambolic Kangaroos team.
We also preview the next round of games, Josh tells you what nobody knows about the NRL finals and we explain why Richmond are the North Korea of the AFL.

All that in this episode!


Episode #122 – AFL Round 24 BYE Wrapped

So every team had a bye, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty that happened and plenty to talk about. It’s all in here, and it’s all good!


Episode #121 -AFL Round 23 Wrapped

It’s a day late, but we’re glad we wited because Monday was way more interesting than Saturday and Sunday combined!
We go through the guts of the weekend and set aside the bullshit. What mattered and what did gets sorted, plus we go through our own All Australian team except for Josh, because he hates Australia.
We also go through our pre season ladder prediction and crown a new champion! We also look at who was lucky to be in th AA squad, and who was lucky to miss out, some mad Monday and plenty more to talk about all in this episode!


Episode #120 – AFL Round 22 Wrapped

Round 22 is done and dusted and with one round remaining it’s all about sticking the elbows out and protecting your finals spot.

The Crows get Port in another showdown, while Sloane takes a rest for resting his fist against Brad Eberts face, another Bulldog goes down, The Eagles fly up, GWS get bored of disposals, North hang on to finals by the skin of their teeth, and there are plenty of trade rumours to whet the appetite of the teams who arent playing finals.

Plus our highlight of the week and predictions for the next round, and a whole lot more all in this episode!


Episode #119 – AFL Round 21 Wrapped

Round 21 is over, and may we be the first to welcome back exciting football. Maybe not the most skilled in most cases but hey, ya take what you can get.
Nic Nat paddywacked GWS all the way back to the East coast, Treloar almost beats the Bulldogs, with coming away injury free probably the most important result in that game.
Again Brisbane play shit for most of the season then ensure their coach gets fired by playing one good game, showing they do have skill and talent, so must be the coach. I’m sure Leppa and Vossy will laugh about it. Or perform a hostile takeover of the Brisbane Board.

Eddie may have claimed the rights to every forward pocket around the country, but Buddy lets it be known that the rest of the forward line is his with an emphatic display at Etihad.
Essendon get a win they need but don’t particularly want, while Adelaide happily kick the shit out of a shambolic Fremantle.

Oh yeah we’ve analysed the stats and poured through the qualitative data, and we can tell you exactly how shit Richmond’s 4th quarter was, and some things that aren’t even quite that shit.

All that and our 2 cents on next week in this episode!


Episode #118 – AFL Really Round 20 Wrapped

Ok, this one is really round 20, with me mistakenly getting ahead of myself last round.
The finals spots are realistically set, that didnt stop the bottom 8 from having a crack on the weekend so we go through the round to see who’s tryin and who’s dyin.


Episode #117 – AFL Round 20 Wrapped

Round 20 is in the books and while most teams finals hopes are in the rearview mirror there’s still plenty of jostling for home finals to be made.
We go through the fallout of this weeks games, what it means for the finals draw as well as our highlights of the round.

All that and more in this episode!